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Drawing a line and moving forwards


This blog and anything I wrote about was, and will continue to be, for Mum.  Whilst she was unable to travel far afield herself, She always wanted to see where I’d been and what I was doing.  This seemed to do two things for her;

1) Allowed her to see places she had never been and, to read about them from my perspective. She seemed to travel vicariously through me and take pleasure in seeing what I saw.

2) I think it gave her comfort to know that I was safe and well, and, that I was enjoying myself.  I may not have travelled as far or as often as I’d liked for her to see, but I hope it was enough in the time she had.

She passed away in April this year and, from then until now I’ve had no inclination to write anything, it didn’t seem that I had much to say and it’s not as if it was missed.  If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all, right?

Well I’m drawing a line under the past, under the break I’ve had away from here, and, I’m moving forward. I have a long list of things I want to do in the short time available as we travel around the Sun and I probably have something to say about it.  

What I have to say may not always be of interest to folks that happen across this blog and that’s ok, it’s not for them anyway, it’s for Mum.


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