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The 2017 adventure !

The planning and preparation for my next adventure has begun!!

On April 16th 2017, I’ll be heading out from Heathrow airport to Kathmandu, Nepal, where I’ll begin a journey to trek to the South Base Camp at Mt Everest.

Now clearly, whilst the aim is to reach the EBCramshackle tent village that is the Everest Base Camp (EBC), the adventure is also about visiting Nepal and taking in its culture and sights.

The overall trip is 20 days including the flights, 14 days of this will be trekking and acclimatising to the altitude where I will ascend to over 18,500 ft (3.5 miles) when we visit Kala Pattar, the most prominent view of Mt Everest. After this I’ll actually¬†‘descend’ 1000ft to the EBC.

There are 4-5hrs of trekking everyday, and I’m by no means fit enough to manage that at the moment, so, for the next 14 months, 2 weeks and 5 days I’ll be concentrating on, and writing about my preparation, fitness, equipment and general excitement!!




  1. Nick

    Thought about visiting Colorado this year and doing a couple of 14,000 peaks as practice? You can choose different starting elevations and distances. For example, Barr Trail up to Pikes Peak, starts at Manitou Springs at 7,000ft, reaches 14,100, 26 mile round trip. Start around 0500 and you can be back down early to mid afternoon. Would be happy to partner up with you to do a couple of mountain hikes in the summer.


    1. Steve Author

      Hi Nick,

      Sounds like an interesting idea, I’ll need to see how things are on the fitness side first!

      How do you manage a 26 mile round trip hike in half a day?


  2. Nick

    In a word, gravity! Going up you can keep a 2 mile per hour pace which gets you to the peak in 6.5 hours. Coming down is much simpler and you can easily hit 3-4 miles in an hour. Another factor is that you can do this hike with minimal extra weight, you need water, snacks and an emergency kit, a lightweight jacket and not much else. There is a summit house where you can eat and get water, so what you carry up can be minimized. Another option is to hike up and buy a one way ticket on the cog railroad to come back down. I carry a couple of cans of oxygen, they weigh about as much as an empty plastic water bottle and give you a boost going uphill. You can buy them at the cog railway station which is where the hiking trail starts. The only other thing I would add is altitude acclimation, best to give yourself a couple of days before doing the climb. Remember that altitude affects you differently each time, I can really vouch for that. Also remember the higher the atmospheric pressure due to weather, the less the effects of altitude. Finally, it’s best to plan to reach the peak at noon and let the weather dictate your return speed, based on the weather conditions, since afternoon thunderstorms are common in Colorado.



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