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Iceland 2015: Final thoughts



Neither beautiful, nor pretty are words that spring to mind when I try to describe Iceland:

Spectacular? maybe. Majestic? mostly. Surreal? definitely.

Maybe it was the time of year that I visited which created the feelings that magnified the barren black and brown landscape, and the foreboding black and now extinct volcanoes.  Iceland has been used as a film set for films such as Game Of Thrones and Prometheus; the black deserts and impassable rock walls would truly be in my thoughts as works of fiction, had I not seen them for myself.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, I know that thousands before me have fallen for the beauty of Iceland.

As for me? I fell for the severe and savage drama of an Island that is still transforming before your eyes.

I have no choice but to go back and see it again, soon.


A few things that I learnt about Iceland;

1, It has a population of around 327,000 people.  200,000 of those live in or around Reykjavík

2, Regarding the cost of living there, I clearly cannot speak for any permanent settlement costs, but the fuel, food and groceries didn’t seem as expensive as expected.  If you live in London, you certainly won’t find it any more expensive than at home.

3, The Icelandic folks are really nice, friendly and pleasant to talk to.  Yes, they speak very good english, sometimes with an endearing American – Scandinavian accent.

4, We have Anglicised the name of Iceland which has made us think that the Island is covered in ice.  The reality is this; The Icelandic spelling of their homeland is –  Ísland much like our spelling of Island.  They pronounce it Iceland, as we do.  It seems that they simply call their home exactly what it is; an Island, a piece of land surrounded by water.

For the first time I’ve put together a short video of some highlights of the trip.

It’s a bit clunky in places, but I’ll forgive myself (as I hope you do) as it is my first after all…..




  1. Mandy

    Great pics/visa. I think my favourite was the waterfall with the 2 people (I think it was 2) walking along the bottom. That was stunning !! It looks a really beautiful place.. cute sea lions too or seals haha what ever they were they were cute !
    So glad you had a nice time x


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