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5 days to go; I’m in the money!!

This is just a quick update to say that in just 5 days on 30th Oct I’ll be in Iceland.  There’s nothing much more to do now other than get to the airport and enjoy the week!

The weather is a little temperamental over there at the moment so I’m keeping an eye on it to give me a clue of which clothes to take. It’s looking snowy and rainy on the forecast which is going to get in the way of seeing the Northern Lights but there’s time for that to change. It’s definitely looking like wet weather and cold weather clothes are in order (not unsurprisingly!) as the temperatures are sitting somewhere between -3°C and 6°C.

I have my cameras all set (yes plural).  I have a Canon 50D DSLR with a few lenses for the high quality shots (thank you to Phill Knight for the loan of a wide-angle lens), a Panasonic DMC-TZ60 compact camera for quick shots and HD video, a GoPro Hero 4 Silver for HD video in any inclement weather, and finally I have my iPhone 6s for ‘snaps’ and any HD video that I may want to take quickly.

On the subject of Cameras, I’m keeping an eye on some webcams and road cams too, these steaming live 24 hours per day and are giving me a good idea of the real conditions on the ground and at current viewing, yes, it looks cold and wet there at the moment 😒.

Mila Webcams are seen here – Mila Webcams, and the road cams are here – Iceland Road Cams. It’s handy to see what the conditions are at the moment and there’s some snow around to see already.

I’ve had some currency delivered! yay! A whole 100k in folding paper money!  that’s 100,000 ISK; Icelandic Krona. which is worth around £550.  When I found out that I would be getting a whole 100k, I was hoping for a very fat bundle of notes commensurate with such a large value that would fill a carrier bag! but alas it was a mere 20 notes.  5000 ISK notes seem interesting though, I do hope that they don’t break down into 1 ISK denominations.  That would be a lot of notes to carry!




Most likely my next post will actually be from Iceland, I’m looking forward to showing you what I see….


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