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8 Weeks to Iceland – Prep time

It’s only 8 weeks until I fly out and I’m getting excited, so here’s a really quick update;

Flights are booked, airport parking is booked, airport security priority lane is booked and hotels are booked (2 hotels).

I haven’t yet booked my car for use while I’m there, it needs to be able to cope with gravel roads and possibly some snow, definitely rain for sure. I expect it’ll be something like a Subaru Legacy AWD;



Even though this is going to be a relatively short trip, being only 8 days long, there is still a lot of ground that I want to cover and this car would give me enough opportunity to travel around and stay out over night while I’m hunting the Northern Lights.

For me, a large part of any trip, is in the planning.  I’ve included a map below of the places I aim to go to and to see.  Marker A and marker M are the hotel points.  An online view of the map is here which is a little more interactive and shows the place names.



I have a few things to figure out still, such as the luggage that I want to take, and due to the unpredictable weather I’m unsure of the clothes to take yet.  I will be buying an Icelandic network sim card online and sent over to allow me to have a good amount of data as soon as I get there, and I want to figure out if I want to take my sleeping bag and sleeping mat with me (I probably will).

I’m a little way out from final plans and in reality this is an easy trip to think about so I don’t feel any pressure about it.  I just can’t wait to get out there.





      1. Mandy

        Mark and I are really looking forward to seeing some pics and hope that you might get some video too if you have the equipment available to. we both love the Northern lights and would love to see them x

        1. Steve Author

          Videos will be included I think this time. I want to include the Northern Lights if I see them and also the Geysers.

          I have a GoPro HD camera and my compact camera also shoots HD video that I used in Norway. I have videos from Norway, but didn’t spend any time learning how to edit them for upload.

          I’ll see what I can do…



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