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Somewhere New!

It’s been a bit too quiet on here recently and there are a few reasons for this;

In the past 6 months I’ve had to get a new job, that was a challenge and an unpleasant time.  The company I now work for as an Operations Manager is a marked improvement on the last one anyway.  This company treats people with respect and fairly, plus, at least here my boss is actually ethical and knows what they’re doing…..

I’ve started studying for an MBA.  This takes a lot of time. I need to find around 10 – 12 hours per week to study, this would be easier if I wasn’t out of the house during the week for around 14hrs per day. I enjoy my work, do long hours, and commute 3hrs per day.

This blog got decimated by an update to the database.  I didn’t back up the files, and in reality I don’t have the motivation to re-write all of the lost pages.

As for the somewhere new?  I’m going to Iceland for a short 8 day holiday.  More about that to come….


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