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Until today, I have never considered a Mission Statement for myself.  Its not usual for a person to make a statement about themselves, is it?

Being somewhat introspective and modest as I am, I rarely actually look at methods in which to promote myself.

“Sure” I hear you say; “you do nothing but talk about yourself in your blog”

This is true, mostly, but within my blog I’m talking about the experiences I have, and not about myself.  Don’t you think?

That’s going to change for the following few lines of self indulgence…

Today, I’ve been mulling over a couple of parts of a task that I’ve been asked to complete for my work, It’s a small development plan that I am to create for myself to be reviewed firstly by the HR Business Partner (she’s great, she keeps me on the straight and narrow..) and eventually by my Line Manager(s).

There are two points of interest that had me ‘intrigued’

Item 1 on the plan – ‘Employee Strengths’.  There are 3 bullet point spaces to list my strengths…!! Only 3…!!???  Don’t they know me?? I couldn’t possibly determine ‘only 3’!!!

I’ve listed 14, that seems to be about right…

Item 2 – ‘Employee personal goals/statement’.  Now, ‘personal goals’ I’ve written before, but a personal statement? Nope that’s a new one on me, so, I have to go for that don’t I?

So after some thought, Googling, writing drafts and re-writing revisions. I now have a Personal Mission Statement;


“To reach the pinnacle of my life and career by striving to constantly improve myself and, by reaching beyond my current limitations.

To act with passion, integrity, and honesty, and to provide inspiration and motivation to all those I meet and work with.”


Not bad If I do say so myself…..

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