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Snowdon Peak; Attempt 2 – #Win !!

As write this, I’m sat here beside the campfire tonight, with the warm glow from the fire and a warm aching in my muscles, I’m suitably pleased with myself!

My first attempt to walk to the summit of Snowdon Peak 3 days ago ended in failure. Not being one to dwell on the past, that’s all history and today I made it.

The difference? Today I was smart enough to drive to and park at the starting point of the ascent tracks and not spend 2 hours wading through mud to get it….

I took Pyg Track. It’s more strenuous than Miners Track which I set out along before, but this time it’s a constant exertion that, if you pace yourself (slowly as I did) then it’s a gorgeous walk and you can take your time to admire the view.

I’m not going to spend too much time on the details of getting to the Summit, I’ll leave that to the photos, I will say however, that to rid me of the demon, I returned via Miners track and down the wall of scree that so solidly barred my way on the previous attempt.



A week in Snowdonia.


A week in Snowdonia.



A week in Snowdonia.

And a small treat at the top..!

A week in Snowdonia.

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