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A Quick Trip To The Brecon Beacons

I haven’t forgotten or neglected this blog (well, maybe a just little).

I haven’t posted since my return to the UK for a couple of reasons; a small reason is that I’ve been busy, but the biggest reason is that if I don’t feel that I have anything interesting to write about, then quite simply, I won’t. I mean why, oh why do folks feel it’s a necessity to write something even when it’s dire drivel? Who is really that interested??

Of course I can say that being such an accomplished writer with hundred of interesting posts and thousands of followers!! (Please sense the sarcasm…!).

Anyhow, after being back in the UK for a few weeks, I’ve felt the need for a quick trip away. I say need, but it was closer to desperation. I just had to get away, I had to get out in the open, I had to do something!!

I found myself with a couple of free days this weekend, so at the beginning of this week, I made plans.

My haunt for the weekend was the Brecon Beacons in Powys, Wales.

The locator in the map shows where; Llangorse Lake.

Llangorse Lake
Location of Llangorse Lake in the Brecon Beacons

The campsite was nice enough, (yes, I chose to use a campsite this time; it was pure convenience) for the first night I was the only vehicle in the field. Really, you just can’t buy that peace and quiet.

Being on a site, I had the opportunity to set my ‘awning’; as with most of the things I do or use when travelling, it’s simple. A basha, tied at one side to my roof rack and supported by two corner poles with guys, at the other side.

Flash, it may not be, functional, it is!


I had a small hike in mind for the Saturday, and the choice was to head into the Brecon Beacons National Park to the South West, or East to the Black Mountains.

South West won the toss.

Close by, near Talybont forest and reservoir, I picked a route purely based on number of waterfalls, (7 in total) and also quite a well marked trail where I could work out, and practice my pacing.




As you can see from the photos, it was a lovely day and it felt great to get out and stretch my legs, and lungs.

It wasn’t a particularly long hike, but a great variety of views from a small river (with waterfalls) to an open valley. Route was only 6.5 miles with a height gain of around 1250 ft so not too strenuous. I worked out my pacing to be about 62 per 100 Mtrs.

After the hike I headed into Brecon for a little shopping and a treat of Cod and Chips sat beside the river Usk. (It’ll become apparent sooner or later to you, the reader, that I tend to have a lot of fish and chips when I travel in the UK).

So that’s it, I came home again today feeling refreshed, and raring to go again.

I have a few things coming up soon that are a bit different to travelling that I plan to write about so please come back and catch up soon.

Feel free to leave any comments using the link above and let me know if you feel I should write about the mundane stuff, or if you feel I should stop writing the mundane stuff !!

Let me know what you think.


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