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Norway day 16: Ex Norway!

So, with a slightly heavy heart, (as I’m glad to be starting the homeward stretch of this journey) I bid farewell to Norway. It is a spectacular country and if it is to really be experienced it needs to be by road, traveling to, and staying in a different place each day.

My final view of Norway…..


I fully understand why there are so many Motorhomes on the roads there, it has to be the best way to see the country.

In recent years however, due to the increase in Motorhome usage, especially foreign visitors, there has been a ban on camping on the open road. There are a great many rest stops however that seem to be widely used by Motorhomes, and I would say so long as you’re considerate and leave no rubbish around, this seems fine.

Fortunately one of the benefits of travelling in the Landy is the ability to pretty much park up on any space I found. I ensured that I wasn’t damaging the flora and fauna, and took all of my rubbish away with me.

I would also imagine, that as the summer fully gets underway in Norway, the roads will become crammed full of Motorhomes and therefore finding places to stay will become really difficult, let alone trying to get around the mountain roads with convoys of them oncoming At you. To get two past each other at times is one hell of a squeeze and I wouldn’t fancy trying it.

I would say that this must be the best time of year to visit Norway; yes there is a risk that some routes may not yet be open after the winter, but, to have the mixture of snow, powerful waterfalls and rivers, and the lush green all in the same period of time is fantastic.

I’m confident that whilst I’ve spent time in some of the most fabulous of places, I also haven’t damaged any of the environments that I occupied (well except for the engine fumes). I think it’s important to remember that whilst I have the ability of the 4×4, there is the responsibility to use it wisely and not churn up and destroy the good ground you occupy.

Others should be given the opportunity to be amazed by their surroundings, just as much as I have.

Upon disembarking the ferry at Hirtshals, I started to think about what to do with some of this additional time I found myself with. After having a quick browse on the internet, my first port of call would be Skagen, the most northerly point in Denmark.

And fabulous it is too! Miles of sandy beach, and again being a nice warm day it was ideal for a walk along. So ideal in fact that I lost track of time!

After now having lunch, I think I’ll stay here for the night as the car park allows camping.

I may go for another stroll later.


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