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Norway Day 15: Heading Out

I woke up today feeling satisfied and content.

I’d spent an hour or so last night poring over the maps again, looking to see if there was anything else I wanted to do before moving on as I found myself again with a good day,or more, spare.

But no, I was pleased that I’d travelled everywhere I wanted to, I’d seen everything that I wanted to, and achieved all that I planned to. I felt very at ease and complete with the time I’d spent here.

So, I started to make way on my final route in Norway.

I was heading for Kristiansand from where I’ll be taking a ferry across to Hirtshals in Denmark.

The route was a scenic one (of course), predominantly along the South Western Coast of Norway alongside the North Sea. The land around there was relatively flat and agricultural, the sea was just a little bit boisterous, with a blustery wind pushing it along.

I took the opportunity to have breakfast just by a beautiful white sand beach. With the blowing wind picking the fine sand up and throwing it at me however, the breakfast actually took place about a hundred yards away out of the wind.


Shortly, I was back into mountains again, surrounding the fjords, this time the fjords seemed small, somewhat narrower than others. This it seemed encouraged the local folk to place their houses a little closer to the water than usual.


There wasn’t much opportunity for photos along this route, the twisty turny roads didn’t let up for long enough to stop.

I think I’m going to miss being surprised by something around each corner of the twisting winding lanes up and down the mountains, although, I’m not actually going to miss the lanes, not for a while. It’s been a hard slog on occasions coaxing the Landy up and around them, whilst also avoiding motorhomes and lorries coming in the other direction.

I’m parked up near Kristiansand, on a not particularly appealing bit of industrial dirt. Still surrounded by trees and a stream, but this close to a town, pleasant parking or rest areas become scarce.

The ferry sets sail at 8am leaving the fjords and mountains behind. By midday, I’ll be well into Denmark.

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