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Norway Day 14: Time for Prayer.

I was woken early today by the thundering of the waterfall nearby. I’d been joined in the night by two motorhomes, and conscious that I didn’t want to wake their occupants with the din of making breakfast, I got myself ready and set straight off.

It was about 6am and I was traveling South along ’13’ from Røldal towards Oanes and there was not another soul on the road.

This was easy cruising, the morning sun was still quite low, and was casting perfect reflections on lake Sudalsvatnet.


The road continued alongside Jøsenfjord, a narrower fjord than others, surrounded with lush green trees.


I trundled on, and after a short ferry crossing from Nesvik to Hjelmeland I made headway for the last major attraction on my tour of Norway; Preikestolen, ‘The Pulpit Rock’,

Preikestolen is a cliff which rises 1969ft out of Lyseford. It’s a 2 hour ‘walk’, to get to it from the car park, and damn! You know you’ve walked. Walking is quite a loose term for how you get to it. Yes there’s some walking, but it’s mostly making your way up and down steep inclines of rocks that are roughly set out to be used a steps, then scrambles down other rocks etc etc.

But it’s worth it!


You can just about see a boat in the above image!




This must have been the most inaccessible place in Norway I’ve had to get to, but it’s the busiest place I’ve been! Hundreds of people queuing their way up and down the trail, on the way down, not inly did I have to take care not to slip or fall myself, but that I didn’t cause a domino run by knocking anyone over coming the other way!

It was a short road day, but a great day. Straight after leaving Priekestolen I pulled into the first picnic area I found beside Lysefjord. It’s also occupied by a DHL lorry that seems pretty well set for the night.

Well if it’s good enough for him……

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