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Norway Day 13: a relief !

I was due to arrive in Bergen by the end of today, it was only 30 minutes away but I made a choice to get back into the country.

After making use of the campsite amenities, refilling water canisters, and giving the Landy a once over and topping up the transfer box oil, I moved on.

last night, I’d been poring over the map to get a route out of here that wasn’t a trunk road and, found road ‘7’.

I left the campsite late in the morning. The sun was shining early and as hot as it had been for the past few days.


Within a handful of miles I was on ‘7’, a route to Hardanger that I wasn’t originally going to take but so glad that I did. I was back onto quieter roads, amongst the mountains, fjords and rushing rivers that are always so extraordinary and even more so in the brilliant sunshine.

Here, driving alongside Bjørnefjorden, everything was back in order, all was right again.


‘7’, brings me to start the Hardanger Nasjonale Turistveger at Steinsdalsfossen, one of the architectural attractions.


This route is actually two routes, one that takes you across from East to West along the north of Hardangerfjord and off into the country, and a route that starts further South, heads North and follows a upside down ‘V’ back South again. I’m opting for a little of both. East to West for a while and then south from the ‘point’ of the ‘V’ down it’s right side which is past Sørfjord

Hardangerfjord seems to have a bit more attitude about it’s presence than the others seen so far. Unlike the almost mirror flat surfaces of the others, Hardangerfjord has some moves! Well, may be two or three inch high ripples!


To head South requires a double ferry jump, from Kvanndal to Utne, and then Utne to Kinsvarnik.

Sørfjord, is as beautiful a fjord as the rest, it seems that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ fjord, and you can’t go wrong with visiting any of them.


The route ends near Odda but gives a little surprise at the end by giving us this!


Two waterfalls that are so powerful they’re spreading their mist across the road! A great finish.

So where am I tonight?

Somewhere near Røldal. Near a Ski Centre that I doubt if getting much use right now.


Much better than a campsite..!

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