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Norway Day 12 [supplemental]: It’s not the same….

The language is the same. The road signs, they look the same. The fuel stations and the shops, they also look the same. I’m fairly sure it’s the same Sun.

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it’s not the same.

From the point that I joined the E16 at Aurland, I had a nagging sense that something was different.

Maybe it was the road that now had a purpose; it had to get somewhere, it didn’t meander, or wander around gazing in wonderment at all that there was to see.

Maybe it was the proliferation of ‘safety’ cameras; I’m sure my speedometer is inaccurate by just enough that by counting the red flashes I was captured by five!

Maybe it was the seemingly infinite number of tunnels I had to pass through, one of which is a marvel at 24km long!

Maybe it was the lack of places to pull over at the side of the road and take a look at all there was around and, try to capture ‘the shot’ which nobody has seen before, that would get on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

Maybe it was that after an hour of searching back roads to try to find a great place to park up of the night, I find myself in one of those hideous places; a campsite!

One thing I’m sure of, things seem less natural, less environmental, less colourful.

There are more grey buildings, there are more cars on the road and, they’re in a rush to get somewhere. Even at 11:30pm, I can hear the vehicles on a busy main road close by. I could be in any town or city now.

Here, 25 minutes outside of Bergen, whilst I can still see a mountain only a few fields away, I don’t feel close to this magnificent country anymore.

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