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Norway Day 10: A bit of fun!

On this grey and misty morning, I set off to complete the final part of the Atlantic Road, leaving it, and the Article Circle experience behind but stored in long term memory (hopefully!).

I moved on, back on the tour again, down via Molde and my second fjord ferry crossing to Ålesund, which even in the misty morning light is still a picturesque town situated across several islands, the main part of the town is across two islands; Heissa, and Nørvøya.


This was a brief photo stop as although it was a planned day stop, it was shut! Maybe it was due to being Sunday? Maybe I was too early? (11am). Either way, and although it was going to put me 2 days ahead of schedule again, I decided to continue to another of the main attractions of this journey; Trollstigen!

I didn’t make it though!

As I passed through a small town Spjelkavik, in a fuel station was sat a Defender, Discovery, Freelander and a Jeep Cherokee, all gave a wave as I drove past.

Now I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK, a group of 4×4’s meeting in a fuel stop on a Sunday morning means only one thing…..Off road fun!

After a turnaround a pass on the road in the opposite direction and yet another turnaround, I eventually caught up with them and followed them when they pulled in to an old sand works.

‘Them’ being the local faction of the Norwegian Land Rover Owners Club!

I had found something to do with my spare day!

I was made to feel very welcome, and I was grateful to meet David, an English Ex patriot who had lived in Norway for 37 years. He has no plans to return to live in England, I think I can understand why.

The group of Defenders and Discoveries grew, and I was taken around the area a couple of times. I took a ‘soft’ route around in mine, after all I still have a long way to go and didn’t want to risk any damage.



It was a good day of off road fun!

After a delicious BBQ, I was given a tip on a scenic gravel road to take to Trollstigen. I’m on this road now and really pleasantly surprised at how the day turned out!

Thanks guys!

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