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Norway Day 8: A change of atmosphere

There was a welcome change today; a change of road.

For about 4 days I’ve travelled North on the E6 and then back south again. Hundreds of miles of the same fabulous scenery since entering Norway to the Arctic Circle (of course), and then back down.

After skirting past Trondheim (putting my Auto Toll count now at 21), I changed onto the E39 to head in a more westerly direction towards the Norwegian Sea.

With the change of direction came a change of weather and a change of road type. Now used to the wide open roads and space afforded to me so far in the mountainous region, it was a refreshing change to be on a somewhat challenging at times twisty turny type road.

The odd hairpin bend heading up and down valleys meant either a sudden firm push of the brakes or alternatively a first or second gear crawling climb.

There were more forests and lush green lands around, this could be to do with there suddenly being a lot of hanging mists and clouds in this area. When the road did open out, I was met with large masses of water, contained between steep rock walls.


This is the beginning of my Fjord experience.

I had been past Trondheimsfjorden (where Trondheim is situated funnily), and while it’s large and picturesque, it feels like a lake as you drive around it, not unlike the Lochs in Scotland or Lakes around Cumbria. The difference here now is that the land and Fjords are more intertwined, so there are bridges that are leapfrogging the land more often to get you to your destination. There is also now the use of ferries to cross some areas, it seems that so common is their use, the road signage barely acknowledges that you’re about to board a ferry.

Today was my first Fjord crossing by Ferry, so easy is it, that you simply queue on the road, as if waiting for traffic lights to change. The ferry turns up and disembark the current passengers, you drive in at the crew’s instruction. Then as the ferry moves off, the crew come around for the fare. All very slick except they come to my passenger door. This means I have to reach right across and wind the passenger window down to pay. There must be an easier way as I have the same messing around to do at Manual tolls here also. The biggest pain is driving off without winding the window up and realising there’s no where on the road to for ages to stop and wind it up!


I’ve made it to the ‘Atlantic Highway’ today but I’m going to talk more about that in the next post.

I’m about 2 days ahead of schedule! I wasn’t planning to be here until the 25th, but with the easy roads so far I’ve just kept trundling along.

The Area I’m in is Aver√łya and I find it quite appealing. So as I’m so far ahead, I’ve decided to take a day off the tour tomorrow and explore a bit.

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