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Norway Day 1: Not Norway!

I’m finally on my way to Norway after ‘only’ 18 months of planning.

The past week has been very eventful; my brakes have failed, my head gasket failed, my wheel bearings failed…. But all in my head!! I call this ‘Rover Paranoia’.

I have started to hear new rattles, groans, grinding noises and, felt odd vibrations coming from various different areas of the Landy, none of which were there before!

So determined was I that something was amiss, I was driving with the window down and radio volume low so I could hear every little thing that could potentially bring the journey to a premature halt.

That was until on one journey, I forgot to listen.

I realised as I pulled up at home, that the car was fine! Not falling to bits, no noisier than it had been for the past several months, just normal. I gave myself a psychological kick and resolved that ‘what will be, will be’ and if something breaks, it can be fixed. I do have breakdown cover after all.

So I’m writing this on the Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, about halfway through the 2hr crossing and am pleased with having a faultless start. The traffic to Dover was fine albeit a little busy in places, I was able to get an earlier ferry due to arriving at Dover in good time, and the DFDS / Dover port embarkation process was simple and quick. The weather is fabulous, the sea is smooth, and the Cod and chips with mushy peas from the restaurant really satisfying! A Great start!


It has occurred to me however, that whilst this is a trip to visit Norway, it’s not all Norway. I have a whole bunch of other countries to get through first. At any other given opportunity, there would be excitement about visiting any one of them, however they are merely waypoints that I am required to pass through so I can get to the end goal.

I’ll enjoy each country as I go though them but I’ll apologise now to France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, I’m afraid you’re incidental this time around!

Tomorrow; Bremen…

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