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Ready to go!

It’s 5 days! until I head off to Norway and I’m at a point now where I’m pretty much ready to go.

To put it another way though, if I’m not ready now, then it’s too late to worry about being ready, so, I’m going, ready or not!

I have food packed;


A combination of soups, stews, pasta, noodles, porridge and breakfast bars. Plus coffee, hot chocolate, tea and UHT milk.

I’ll be living just like a student !!

Here’s a pic of where I’ll be living for the 3 weeks.


It’s fairly rough and ready, but I know the sleeping bag is warm, the bed is comfortable, the Landy is waterproof (well, where it needs to be!), the curtains will allow privacy, and the LED strip light works.

Up in the front I have my iPad with CoPilot Navigation software installed, and, a Garmin standard satnav as a back up.

The split charge system is good, with plenty of 12v sockets available, plus a 500w inverter for my laptop and camera battery charger.

The days are going by quickly now….

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