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A bit of Interest..!


There has been a little bit of interest in my upcoming journey to Norway, mostly from friends, and my Mum (of course), and also from the US of A!

I was contacted by John Kostuch who is a presenter of an awesome podcast dedicated to Land Rovers called Centresteer in homage to the original prototype Land Rover which had it’s steering wheel  in the centre of the cockpit.


I was honoured, and, excited to take part and talk about my plans with John and the crew on the podcast; a very new experience for me if for no other reason than in general folks don’t take much interest in what I’m doing..!

Any how, if you have the opportunity (or want) to listen to the podcast, you’ll find it here – Centresteer Ep 13 enjoy!

Centresteer Website, Centresteer Twitter feed

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