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What to take..? What to leave..?


It’s easy to get carried away and totally paranoid about the subject of what to take when travelling;

 ‘What should I take? What shouldn’t I take? What if I don’t take this but need it? What if take this but never need it and it’s wasting space?’

it’s also easy to say ‘sod it’! I’ll just take what I have and make do whilst I’m out there!’.

Fortunately I’m not going to a totally uninhabited 3rd world region on this trip, I’m traveling about 4000 miles which, to some, may be a long way but it’s mainly on good roads, with access to fuel, service stations, towns, and supplies en route. I’m not that concerned.

So what am I taking?

iPad with CoPilot Satnav app installed
Garmin Satnav
Asus Laptop
Canon 350D DSLR
GoPro Hero 2
12v Shower
European Road Maps
Trangia Stove
Hi-lift Jack
Assortment of tools
Socket set
Cable Ties
Duck Tape
Gas Soldering Iron
Spare Cables & Fuses
First aid kits
Spirit fuel
Basha & Poles
Light My fire Firesteels
Light my Fire Tinder on a rope and Tindersticks
BBQ Grill
Sachets of instant coffee Sachets of Hot Chocolate
20 ltrs of water
Tins of soup & stew
Tinned hot dogs
Selection of tinned veg
2 ltrs of Long Life Milk
Washing & Shower items
Henderson’s Relish
Porridge Pots
Toilet Paper
Wet wipes
Walking boots

Oh and a 1990 Land rover Defender 200 TDI 110 complete with Bed installed….

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